National Institute of Fuel-Cell Technology
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University

Anode Materials / Experimental Characterization

Research Team (Kang, Liu, Wu, FInklea, Sabolsky and Song)

  • Dr. Bruce Kang (In-Situ failure assessment of the anode)
    - Measure the Surface deformation and strains under the overpotential
    - Obtain the complex impedance by a two electrode system while measuring the surface deformation information
    - Correlate the mechanical reliability of the anode with the chemical composition and the microstructure of anode materials

  • Dr. Xingbo Liu and Dr. Edward Sabolky (Development of PH3 and H2S tolerant Anode Materials)
    - Pervoskite Ceramics as electrodes
    - Mixed oxides as processing layer
    - Design SOFC anodes

  • Dr. Nick Wu (Deposition of coal syngas impurities on the anode)
    - Study electrochemical behavior of the SOFC anodes
    - Identify the chemical composition and determince the chemical structure
    - Map the distribution of deposits on the anode with SIMS
    - Deduce the reaction rates and the degradation mechanism
    - Evaluate new anode materials for coal syngas application

  • Dr. Harry Finklea (Electrochemical Characterization of SOFC prototypes)
    - Commercial fuel cell (NEXTECH, MSRI)
    - Hybrid cells from Nextech with WVU anodes
    - Complete WVU prototypes

  • Dr. Xueyan Song. Material characterization at submicron and nano-scales using TEM

  • One Post Doc and three graduate student

Research Objectives

  • To characterize the behavior of model SOFC anodes exposed to simulated coal syngas using a combination of in-situ and ex-situ experimental methods, including determination deformations, stresses, and strains, under operating conditions.
  • To develop in-house capability to fabricate fuel cells with custom anodes.
  • To systematically explore several anode compositions and double-layered structure.