National Institute of Fuel-Cell Technology
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University

Multi-Scale Continuum Modeling

Research Team: Celik, Smirnov (past) and Kang.

  • Dr. Ismail Celik (Multi-scale continuum modeling)
    - Detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms for reactions
    - High performance computings for large scale simulations
    - Validation using experimental data
    - Identification of optimum operating conditions

  • Dr. Andrei Smirnov (Sub-Micro Scale Modeling)
    - Nanoscale Modeling
    - Upward integration of nanoscale to multicomponent model
    - Molecular Dynamics Simulations

  • Dr. Bruce Kang
    - Thermal Stress Modeling
    - Long Term Degradation Modeling

  • One post-doc and two PhD Students

Research Objectives

  • Continuum Simulations to integrate nano, micro and macro scale models.
  • Integration of experimental and sub-micro scale numerical investigations into multiple-length scale models for degradation of performance due to carbon deposition, sulfur poisoning and trace elements in CSG.
  • Identification of optimum operating conditions.