National Institute of Fuel-Cell Technology
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University

Cell and System Laboratory Testing

Research Team (Finklea, Zondlo and Sabolsky)

  • Dr. Harry Finklea (Electro-chemical characterization of SOFC interconnects)
    - Commercial fuel cell (NEXTECH)
    - Hybrid cells from NEXTECH with WVU anodes
    - Complete WVU prototypes

  • Dr. John Zondlo (Evaluation of SOFC operation)
    - Short term testing (Base line performance with hydrogen)
    - Long term testing (Coal Syngas with Sulfur, HCl and Phosphine and Follow performace loss with carbon deposition and sulfur poisoning)
    - One post-doc and two PhD Students

  • Dr. Edward Sabolsky
    - Long term testing of remedies developed to reduce impact of contaminants on cell performance
    - Large plannar cell testing with PH3

Research Objectives

  • Testing and evaluation of fuel cell performance under actual operation

  • Assist in Physical and Chemical Analyses of fuel cells
    Short-term baseline
    Long-term behavior