National Institute of Fuel-Cell Technology
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University

List of Papers and Presentations

Key-Note Lectures

  • Coal Based Research at PNNL
    Larry Pederson
  • Fundamentals of High Temperature Electrochemistry
    Harry Finklea
  • Gasification Technology and Processes: Implications for Fuel Cells
    Ronald W Breault

Presented Papers

  • Impedance Analysis of Phosphorous Impurity Effect on Performance of Ni-YSZ Anode of SOFC
    M. Zhi, N. Madhiri, H. Finklea, I. Celik, B. Kang, X. Liu, C. Johnson, N. Wu
  • Effect of H2Se Exposure on Performance of Anode Supported SOFC
    K. Gerdes, J. Trembly, R. Gemmen
  • Fabrication and Performance of Ni-YSZ Anode Supported Cell for Coal Derived Syngas Application by Tape Casting and Spin Coating
    M. Gong, Y. Jiang, X. Liu, C. Johnson
  • Effects of Coal Syngas Contaminants on SOFC Anodes: A Review
    F. N. Cayan, M. Zhi, S. R. Pakalapati, I. Celik, N. Wu
  • Importance of Trace Contaminant Measurements from Coal Derived Syngas for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications
    J. Trembly, R. Gupta
  • Standardization and Strategies for SOFC Testing
    J. Foreman, M. Seabaugh
  • Structural Modeling Analyses of Long-Term Degradation of SOFC under Coal Syngas
    G. Iqbal, G. Huang, B. Kang
  • Modeling of Coal Syngas Based SOFC
    S. R. Pakalapati, F. Elizalde-Blancas, I. B. Celik
  • Reactive Molecular Dynamics Model
    A. V. Smirnov, Rolando Carreno-Chavez
  • The Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Electronic Structure Analysis of Chemisorptions of H2S on Ni Surfaces Based on First-Principles Calculations
    N. Ma, B. R. Cooper
  • Evaluation of Carbon Materials for Use in a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell
    G. Hackett, J. W. Zondlo
  • Evaluation of Coal in a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell System
    S. L. Jain, B. Lakeman, K. D. Pointon, J. T. S. Irvine
  • Liquid Tin Anode Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for Direct Conversion of Carbon Based Fuels Including Coal
    T. Tao, J. Bentley
  • Electrochemistry of Carbon Oxidation in the DCFC with Solid Oxide and Molten Carbonate Double Electrolytes
    Y. Nabae, S. L. Jain, J. T. S. Irvine, K. D. Pointon, J. B. Lakeman
  • Summary Report on the NETL Coal Syngas Trace Species Studies Meeting
    R. Gemmen
  • Calculating the Energy Cost of CO2 Removal in a Coal Based Gas Turbine Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Generation System with an Isolated Anode Stream
    J. VanOsdol, R. Gemmen, E. Liese